Paintings from England, Wales and Ireland

Here’s a very short update on my last landscape painting trip before our move to Florence. The trip consisted of a brief visit to Salisbury in England, a week long stay in the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales and a trip to Ireland for the Art in the Open plein air painting festival. It was very productive and much fun as we got to meet a lot of our fellow painters and friends, and paint in some truly beautiful areas.

Though I am still full of impressions and wonderful memories from all these places, I am finding it hard to organise words in my head while simultaneously organising the rest of my life in boxes. So, this time, I will let the images of some of my paintings from this trip speak in my stead.


Stonehenge, Watercolor.

Stonehenge. 10 x 14 in, Watercolor.


Welsh Sheep, Watercolor.

Welsh Sheep No. 1. 10 x 14 in, Watercolor.


Welsh Sheep, Watercolor.

Welsh Sheep No. 2. 10 x 14 in, Watercolor.


Tretower Castle, Watercolor.

Tretower Castle. 10 x 14 in, Watercolor.


Dyffryn Crawnon Valley, Watercolor.

Dyffryn Crawnon Valley. 10 x 14 in, Watercolor.


Ballymore Tractors, Watercolor.

Ballymore Tractors. 10 x 14 in, Watercolor.


Street in Inistioge, Watercolor.

Street in Inistioge. 10 x 14 in, Watercolor.


Woodstock Gardens, Watercolor.

Woodstock Gardens. 10 x 14 in, Watercolor.


Curracloe Dunes, Watercolor

Curracloe Dunes. 10 x 14, Watercolor.


Tintern Abbey, Watercolor.

Tintern Abbey. 12 x 16 in, Watercolor.


Tintern Stream, Watercolor.

Tintern Stream. 10 x 14 in, Watercolor.


Sorry for keeping it so brief and my apologies in advance if you’ll have to wait a bit longer than usual for the next update from Florence 😉 In the meantime, have a wonderful rest of the summer!


2 thoughts on “Paintings from England, Wales and Ireland

  1. Virginia Bryson

    Tina, I just discovered a painting of yours while searching on Google for a watercolor of irises. Out of the entire page of images, your painting reached out and grabbed my heart. My eyes literally welled with tears! I opened the page and it was your blog, Fresh Start in Art. I was amazed at your paintings from England, Wales, etc. They are wonderful. When I googled your name and learned you had studied (and been quite successful in) law, I was disappointed. It was so obvious you are an artist! Law would be a travesty in comparison. I don’t mean to gush on and on, but I am a total non-artist who knows when they see something that really moves me. Your art moves me. I would love to purchase one of your paintings, but I don’t know that you are prepared to sell your work at this time. I just want you to know, I believe you have made the most wonderful decision of your life to leave a successful career in the field of law to share your talent and passion for art with the world. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. (I hope you don’t mind. I am looking for just the right painting of an iris for the cover of a very important invitation for our book club’s 30 year celebration. Our symbol is the purple iris. I simply must use your painting. I’m happy to pay you for its use.)

    1. Tina Oršolić Dalessio Post author

      Dear Virginia, thank you very much for your compliments and kind words of encouragement. It is so nice for me to know that the results of the process that I enjoy so profoundly can reach the hearts of other people. So, thank you once again for your sincere message. I truly appreciate it. And my apologies for not getting back to you earlier – I was travelling and had no access to my computer for the past week. As for the painting of the iris, I would be very happy to share the image with you. Please contact me at [email protected] for further details. Kind regards, Tina