A Little End of the Year Update

Another very busy term is behind me – thus my absence from the blogosphere, for which I apologise. This term though, had some very interesting new projects up its sleeve, which I would like to share here.

In particular, this academic year, in addition to the standard model room figure paintings, finally brought about projects that are of my primary interest and are the reason why I decided to study at the FAA in the first place: still life and portraiture.

Consequently, during the past term, I painted three still lives and one portrait. All were painted from life, all life size and all sight size – as we do at the Academy. Each project was started with a study of the chosen subject-matter, smaller than life size, in order to better understand values and determine the composition. After these one session studies were completed, I blocked in the drawing on the canvas and launched into painting (whereas some students prefer to start with a transfer drawing, I find that starting more broadly with paint works better in my case, as I otherwise tend to stick to closely to preliminary drawing choices – sometimes at the expense of more opportune design).

In the process of painting these four pieces, I’ve learned a great deal about color relationships, texture, paint application, compression of values, composition, atmosphere, design and all sorts of other useful things. On another occasion, when time allows, I’ll compile and share all the pearls of wisdom that I’ve been able to collect during this journey. This time around, though, I would just like to share with you the paintings themselves – hoping that through them you can witness some of the fruits of the amazing education I’ve been lucky to receive in the past few months. Hope you enjoy them!

Happy holidays you all and all the best wishes for the New Year 2018!


Italian Breakfast, Oil on Canvas.


Persimmons and Nuts, Oil on Canvas.


Winter Roses, Oil on Canvas.


Gianluca, Oil on Canvas.

6 thoughts on “A Little End of the Year Update

  1. Virginia

    It does not take an exceptional eye to see the incredible progress you have made. These paintings take my breath away. I loved your early watercolors—still do. But these are on an entirely new level. Tina, you work hard; but you also have such a gift. Thank you so very much for sharing your progress and beautiful work with us. I look forward to it every time. I am a huge fan!

    1. Tina Oršolić Dalessio Post author

      Dear Virginia, thank you so much for your kind words of support. I really appreciate it. With best regards, Tina

  2. Kevin McEvoy

    Excellent work, Tina, so beautiful. The paint handling is so confident. I love the expression in Gianluca, his eyes.

  3. andersson

    Nice blog post. Love your still lifes. Does this mean you are now finished with your studies at the faa? Are there more projects in the basic core program. If so, then how many trimesters are there left for you?

    1. Tina Oršolić Dalessio Post author

      Thank you for your feedback and compliments! I appreciate it. I probably have a couple of more terms at the FAA. They will be filled with work on still lives and portraiture in the studio, and figure painting in the model room. I will keep you posted on the progress 😉 Best regards, Tina