A Few Words on my Motivation and Inspiration


Lately, I have been asked by several people to explain what it is that drives me as an artist. Specifically, I’ve been asked what is it that so strongly motivates and inspires my painterly pursuits, and why.

I have given it thought and wanted to share a few words articulating, as concisely as possible, my current stance on this.

In my opinion, art, perhaps more than any other social phenomenon, best reflects the shifting tides of human consciousness. So, being involved in arts, and more particularly, being a part of the artistic movement that at its core entails a careful observation, admiration and respect of the natural world around us, gives me a strong sense of purpose and hope. This reemerging naturalistic movement that I consider myself a part of, rests on humility and acknowledgement of how precious, beautiful and fragile our world is.

As an artist who considers it her mission to inhale the beauty that surrounds her, and exhale it as art, I hope to gently remind others of that same truth regarding the miracle and delicacy of human condition. And in doing that, I hope to become a small drop in the river of thought pointing to the more general shift of human consciousness towards a deep respect for our Mother Nature. For we all are, in every aspect of our existence, intrinsically tied to it.

On this note, I leave you with the painting I just completed. If my words weren’t clear enough, I hope at least this last piece of work of mine can shed some light on where my artistic enthusiasm and my sense of purpose comes from.


Olive Trees and Wild Daffodils. 22 x 25 cm, Watercolor.